Forking Fantastic - Put the PARTY Back in Dinner PartyForking Fantastic!
Put the Party Back
in Dinner Party

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Forking Fantastic - Put the PARTY Back in Dinner Party
Forking Fantastic - Put the PARTY Back in Dinner Party
Forking Fantastic - Put the PARTY Back in Dinner Party
Forking Fantastic - Put the PARTY Back in Dinner Party

Photos from Sunday Night Dinners. Click to see larger versions!
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  • Backyard at the Reynolds Ranch II, when it had the magical Italian cinema glow
  • Carving the Leg of Lamb with Pomegranate Molasses
  • Salzburger Nockerl, pre beauty school
  • Apple Cake
  • Potato and Turnip Casserole before baking...(with pretty pink turnips)
  • ...and after. Mmm, crispy top crust!
  • Beet greens — so beautiful.
  • Slab bacon, sliced thick like we like it
  • Roasted Fennel with Black Olives
  • Braised Celery and Radishes — dainty and pink!
  • Escarole Salad with Roasted Pears and Pomegranate Seeds
  • Orange Gingerbread, with a dangerous amount of whipped cream
  • Wilted escarole — it ain't pretty, but it gets the job done
  • Arugula Salad with Dates and Oranges
  • Tamara's Mom's Cucumber Salad
  • Potatoes sliced thin for Commando Style Roast Chicken
  • Simple green salad with red peppers and currants — see how pretty?
  • Dapper reenacts the historic bacon dipped in cake frosting moment
  • God, we love the Lane cake. But it is so not photogenic
  • Fresh nutmeg, the finishing touch on a cassoulet. The beans here are gigantes, Zora's fave
  • Brastrap Heather builds the Croke. Note the delicate filaments of spun sugar in the foreground!
  • This pic is in the book, but it's so beautiful, you should see it in color
  • Mmm...garlicky, dilly beans
  • Oh hai! Iz ur dinner, k?
  • Peter manning the spit at our first ever lamb roast. Note the less loved pig in the foreground. Sorry, pig!
  • Peter shows off the finished roast lamb. We didn't know jack about trussing a lamb in those days
  • Karvin' Karl subdues yet another hunk of meat
  • Ladies love lamb chops
  • Peter and Karl apply a loving rubdown to a lamb carcass
  • Man bites lamb
  • Grillmaster Peter. Damn, those ribs were good
  • Late night at the Fulton Fish Market (RIP), when we went to load up on oysters
  • Tamara's neighbor at the original Reynolds Ranch frequently attended — silently, grumpily
  • Karl serves up a mess o' hot sardines
  • One night, SND oversold, so Peter built an extra table out of closet doors
  • Later, the happy guests enjoy the emergency table
  • Zora in a common stance, restoring order at the sink.
  • Tabletop art in red wine
  • Late night praise on the tabletop, courtesy of Christopher. This was the inspiration for the book cover
  • Karine is our master menu artiste
  • Fried chicken on multiple burners — a thing of beauty
  • Zora samples a piece of chicken on the way to the table. Quality control, honest
  • The photo we used for the book cover — sadly we had to crop out the impeccably dressed Dan Baum!
  • Nicole is always responsible about pouring water, to offset the wine
  • The calm before the storm
  • We weren't kidding when we said Katie has a tattoo commemorating her Wednesday Night Dinners
  • The first time we made the Croke Monster together Tamara thought it would go faster if we wore funny hats
  • In the original Reynolds Ranch kitchen
  • From the earliest days, we knew Karl would fit right in